Grundfos, Project Wild Thing: Grundfos, the world's largest manufacturer of water pumps, was looking for bold idea to help them sell an instant hot water pump direct to consumers. They called it ìproject wild thingî. The problem was How do you sell a hot water pump that consumers don't know exists, to solve a problem they don't know they have? The solution was to connect the pump as a solution to a universal human truth.

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We were running a test market for the Indianapolis home show, and we found out in the focus groups that you cannot say the word "Sucks" in Indiana.


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The campaign was centered around a single page Microsite, where Homeowners could calculate how much time, water,and money that they waste annually waiting for hot water.

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Digital ads were run on The Indianapolis Home Show website, and other home improvement sites.


Indy Home Show activation included free loofahs and a raffle for a free hot water pump system.