Chicago St Patrick's Day: 

St. Patrickís Day in Chicago, with the Crowds, the parades, the river, and the beer, make it s party unlike any other. Miller Lite Set out against the more authentic Irish Beers options to own the holiday The idea was Simple. No matter what your nationality , if you were In Chicago, proudly wearing green, and drinking miller lite, you were not just Irish for a day, You're were Chi-rish for a day.

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The Chi-rish Family Crest authentically reflected the cities Historically diverse communities and nationalities. Chi-rish was all about the cool gear, and system orders for key elements doubled from the previous year.

Chi-rish was on the streets, in the bars, and on radios across the city.

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Chi-rish united the city, and volume in Chicago improved 50% during the holiday!

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Social Media , and regular media were on board, and Chi-rish entered the Chicago pop culture lexicon, where it still remains today.