Miller Lite Sports Activation:I love sports, and while working on Miller Lite. I was fortunate to lead the creative strategy and activation of the brand's partnerships with professional and college sports teams across the country. We executed everything from running integrated promotions to building experiences in stadiums.

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in 2008 We built the Miller Lite Extra Base and refurbished the Miller Lite Bullpen Sports bar at U.S. Cellular Field, Home Of The White Sox.

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The heated Crosstown rivalry between the Cubs and Sox was at an all time high.

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During the 2008 season the Cubs were one of the best teams in baseball, They sent seven players to the all-star game, Fukadome fever was running wild, and there were incredible expectations headed into the playoffs. We actually thought that we could help break the curse with a simple bold statement on the right field billboard. WIN. They were swept by the dodgers in 4 straight games.

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We built a brand experience called the Flite Deck at M&T Bank Stadium home of the Baltimore Ravens.

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We celebrated the Los Angeles Dodger's 50th anniverwith an integrated promotion.

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We activated Miller Lite 's largest sponsorship with the Dallas Cowboys, which included an online auction for exclusive cowboy experiences.

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We skirted the Laws in California by running a promotion  for the USC, UCLA rivalry, where the winning prize was bragging rights.

We also ran integrated promotions to activate the partnership with the Houston Rodeo.