NB Minimus Hi-Rez Packaging: in 2012 New balanced launched the ground breaking Minumus  Hi-Rez shoe, which promised to revolutionize  minimal footwear running by being the closest to barefoot running you could get without being barefoot. Our goal was to create a package worthy of such a revolutionary product, and delivered the wow factor at display. The exploration started with the shoe's design. It was light, organic, reptilian, and it offered a feeling and sensation never felt before history of humankind. This shoe wasn't just revolutionary, it was evolutionary!


We took inspiration from the Stanley Kubrick movie 2001 SPACE ODYSSEY which also explored human evolution from a technological sense.


The Hexagon


The Reveal


The Growth Chamber


The Double Hex


After balancing our desire to create a breakthrough box with the need to work within production and shipping realities. We landed on a package that had the strengths of a typical shoe box but had the talk value of a more unique design.