Modelo Especial Summer: Modelo Especial was looking to capitalize on Soccerís growing popularity in the U.S., and the building anticipation of the 2014 World Cup, to connect the brand to the Hispanic and general markets. We partnered with Sports illustrated to create Modelo Unido, a club where Modelo fans could share their love of beer and the beautiful game. We didnít just connect with them, but we united them.

It was lead by professional soccer players Clint Dempsey Gerardo Turrado. Modelo fans could win a chance to attend fantasy soccer camp with the two superstars and cool Modelo Unido gear.

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It was supported with a national print buy in Sports Illustrated  Weekly, and custom publications for 7-11

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On-premise pos turned bars into Modelo Unido clubhouses.

Facebook became a digital clubhouse.

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The gear brought everyone together.

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