Pacifico Event: In 2011, Pacifico, a beer discovered by surfers, was sponsoring the U.S. OPEN OF SURFING in Huntington Beach California. They were also using the event  to launch Pacifico on tap. Our goal was simple, build brand loyalty, create a memorable experience , sell a ton of beer, and not come off as posers to the So-Cal surfing community. 

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For the launch of Pacifico on tap we created an app so that people could find what bars near the event had a keg tapped, as well as find where their friends .

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Professional surfer/celebrity bartender Brett Simpson helped pour Pacifico, and glassware promoted the app.

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Bold T-shirt designs and cool merchandise were unloaded in the On-Premise creating an ocean of yellow walking billboards.

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VIP events were sponsored throughout the weekend and were supported with custom made Pacifico bars

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Free rides kept everyone safe.

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