Corona Summer Integrated Promotion: Corona owns the beach and the summer season, but other beer brands began encroaching on that message. So In 2011 We ran the first ever retail promotion in CoronaĆ­s history To put a stake in the sand, and reclaim summer. In the subsequent years we leveraged the Find your beach platform to create a seamless message across all channels, and move the brand from a destination on a beach, to a beach state of mind.

Corona Summer 2013: Corona established itself as a lifestyle brand, by inviting consumers to share their summer story for a chance to be featured in Corona advertising, or win Official Corona gear All Summer Long.

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Corona Summer 2012: Leveraged Corona's New Find Your Beach campaign. It Featured in pack codes, and three new Getaway prizes, music, sports, AND outdoors, that winners could choose from.

The On-Premise activation featured a custom app that allowed consumers to check in at official Corona beach bars to gain entry into the promotion.


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The microsite and Facebook expanded the digital experience.

Corona Summer 2010-2011

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PR brought a beach party to Times Square with 30 tons of sand, games, and a 30 foot Corona bottle that you could relax in.

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